“For my research, I developed a new computer model that can rapidly and accurately predict the peak water level caused by tropical cyclones and hurricanes to improve coastal resilience.”

Virginia Tech

Information for Applicants

Fostering a Safe and Welcome Community

VASG is committed to building inclusive research, extension, communication, and education programs that serve people from diverse backgrounds, circumstances, needs, perspectives, and ways of thinking. Diversity includes, but is not limited to; age, disability and/or health status, ethnicity, gender identity, geographic origin, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, and/or veteran status. 

VASG does not tolerate any form of misconduct, discrimination or harassment, including sexual harassment, or sexual misconduct (e.g. sexual assault within its organization, at awardee organizations, field sites, meetings, or anywhere VASG-funded activities are conducted).


Applicants must be enrolled in a full-time graduate or professional degree at a Virginia academic institution prior to the award of the fellowship, by Fall 2024, must remain in good standing at their academic institution, and in compliance with the terms and conditions of the VASG award. Applicants may be working toward a degree in any discipline as long as they are engaged in research or rigorous inquiry and evidence-based knowledge generation, or research that is coastal- or marine-related and relevant to VASG’s mission and strategic plan. Previous recipients of a VASG Graduate Fellowship are not eligible to apply.

Upcoming Events

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how to apply

For full details, including fellowship requirements, application guidelines, evaluation criteria, and the review and selection process, download the funding announcement. For information on VASG’s goals for fellow-mentor partnerships, as well as important considerations based on past fellow and mentor experiences, refer to VASG’s Guidance on Fellow-Mentor Relationship. For additional information on how to submit your application to VASG, refer to the eSeaGrant Instructions. All of the above documents can be found in the sidebar of this page under Related Documents.

Application Submission & eSeaGrant

Applications must be submitted online via eSeaGrant. If you plan to apply, we recommend registering for eSeaGrant at least two weeks in advance of the deadline. All elements, including recommendation letters, must be submitted by the deadline. VASG will not accept late applications under any circumstances (e.g., internet delays), so please allow ample time to submit your applications in advance of the deadline.

Recommendation Forms

Two recommendations (academic and professional) must be submitted in support of the student. To maintain confidentiality, VASG requires that recommendations NOT be submitted with the student’s application, but rather requested and input through eSeaGrant independently. The forms must be submitted before the deadline. 

Identifying Potential Mentors

A mentor can be from the public, private, or non-profit sector. Students are encouraged to review the examples of past fellow-mentor partnerships below, and review the VASG website to learn about our extension partners. VASG encourages applicants to reach out to potential mentors early in the application process to discuss your mutual goals, develop a rapport, and identify emerging opportunities.

Katherine L.

Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Maura B.

Old Dominion University

Jennifer B.

Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Arslaan K.

George Mason University

Mentors do not need to be extension agents, educators, or communicators with Sea Grant or the Cooperative Extension program. However, they can be a great resource for connections to potential mentors.

VASG can provide assistance to applicants in identifying potential mentors, discussing the mentor’s roles and responsibilities, and answering questions regarding the goals of the fellow-mentor relationship.

Email: vasg@vaseagrant.org

“It was very interesting to see the reception of the feedback from local communities. Talking with local organizations was very meaningful. What we are studying and what we are asking may impact their lives and the quality of local waterways that local communities really value.”

Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Tentative Fellowship Completion Timeline

  • Fellowship announcement released: September 1, 2023
  • Registrations are due in eSeaGrant: 11:59 p.m. EST on December 1, 2023
  • Applications are due to VASG: 11:59 p.m. EST on December 8, 2023
  • Stage 1 – Relevancy review: January 2024
  • Stage 2 – Review panel: February 2024
  • Stage 3 – Candidate interviews: March/April 2024
  • Notification of results: Summer 2023
  • Awards begin: September 1, 2024

Award Information

Contingent upon available federal funding, fellowships are available for up to two years, and provide an award of up to $40,000 per year to support the student’s academic expenses. The start date for the fellowship is September 1, 2024. VASG expects to fund up to eight fellowships for the 2024–2026 academic years.

VASG-funded projects require a 50 percent funding match (i.e., budgets must show $1 of match for every $2 of Sea Grant funding requested). Only non-Federal funds may be committed as matching contribution. VASG will make all awards to the student’s primary faculty advisor, who must be listed as the principal investigator (PI) on the fellowship application.

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Stay up-to-date on fellowship, internship, and research funding opportunities offered by Virginia Sea Grant.

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