Virginia Sea Grant is committed to providing early-career scientists, engineers, designers, lawyers, and others in related professions the capacity to be tomorrow’s coastal and marine science, management, policy, business, and community leaders. Our professional development portfolio is aimed at providing our funded fellows and alumni with the knowledge, expertise, and skills to thrive now and in the future.


Virginia Sea Grant helps students and young professionals kick start their career and gain work experience before and after graduation. We offer multiple internship opportunities for students to engage with federal, state and local stakeholders.

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Communicating Science & Technical Information

Thoughtful, clear, and engaging communication is essential to effectively share scientific and technical information. Virginia Sea Grant offers graduate seminars and science-communication internships designed to provide the technical understanding and real-world experience for students to become successful science communicators, and funded fellows and alumni to become eminent science ambassadors as they share technical information.

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Science-Policy Interface

Virginia Sea Grant offers opportunities for students to explore the science-policy interface by engaging with federal and state coastal, ocean, and natural resource managers and policy makers.

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Professional Skills & Networking

Virginia Sea Grant maintains a long-term professional cohort of graduate and post-graduate fellows and alumni of the fellowships. Through cross-disciplinary dialogues, peer mentoring and executive coaching strategies students can construct their professional network building and management skills.

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Cross-Disciplinary Problem-Solving & Research

Virginia Sea Grant recognizes that all cultures, disciplines, professions, and sectors are needed in an integrated, transdisciplinary approach to solving today’s ocean and coastal challenges. We are committed to ensuring that Virginia students are leaders in collaborative team science and collaborative management.

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