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Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs, services, and activities that receive federal assistance (grants) from the federal government. Title IX regulations and guidance apply to any entity that receives financial assistance and operate education programs. Virginia Sea Grant provides financial assistance in the form of grants and cooperative agreements with hosts offices for fellowship opportunities. As a participant in a fellowship, you are protected by Title IX. 

What should you know? 

Virginia Sea Grant fellows work in a variety of host offices across the state, region, and country. As a fellow, you have the right to resources and support from the institution if you report unwelcome conduct. The Title IX Coordinator at VIMS/William & Mary can assist in answering questions and addressing concerns with contacts at your host office. 

Virginia Sea Grant Programmatic Position

A community effort is essential to ensure that academic, professional, and research workspaces are places where people can safely learn, grow, and thrive. Virginia Sea Grant (VASG) considers the principal investigator (PI), any co-PI(s), professional mentors, and the funded students (e.g., graduate research fellows, interns, summer resilience fellows, post-graduate fellows, etc.) identified on a VASG award to be in positions of trust. VASG’s expectation is that individuals identified on a VASG award will comport themselves in a responsible and accountable manner, in accordance with institutional or organizational policies during the award period. The purpose of Virginia Sea Grant adding terms and conditions to our subawards is to ensure that recipients of Sea Grant funding respond according to their home institution’s written procedures promptly and appropriately to any instances that result in dismissal or suspension.

Virginia institutions of higher education and any other organization that receives VASG funds are responsible for having clearly stated policies outlining standard codes of conduct, academic program requirements, and prohibiting discrimination, harassment, or sexual misconduct. These policies must comply with federal and state nondiscrimination laws, regulations, and executive orders, and documented procedures for accepting reports of and investigating complaints of misconduct thoroughly, fairly, and promptly. VASG is bolstering its policies, guidelines, and communications so that organizations funded by VASG clearly understand expectations and requirements associated with its funding. Individuals may be held accountable for any misconduct that occurs at any awardee institution, on-line, or at locations where official organization activities are occurring, such as at field sites or facilities, meetings, conferences, and workshops.

This new VASG term and condition requires awardee organizations to notify VASG if an individual identified on a VASG award (e.g., funded PI, co-PI, student, or mentor) is found responsible for violation of a requirement or policy of their home institution that results in suspension or dismissal. This includes, but is not limited to, not abiding by standards of conduct; not maintaining good academic standing requirements; honor system violations; and/or violations of their institution’s or organization’s policies relating to discrimination or harassment, including sexual harassment or sexual assault. This new term and condition is effective immediately for any new award, or funding amendment to an existing award, made on or after the effective date.

Terms & Conditions Reporting Requirements – Notification Requirements Regarding Dismissal or Suspension

VASG funds may not be expended for salaries, wages, tuition or other benefits provided to personnel who are not in good standing as employees or enrolled students of sub-recipient. Sub-recipient’s Authorized Organization Representative shall notify the VASG Director within ten (10) days if any PI, funded student (e.g., graduate research fellows, interns, summer resilience fellows, post-graduate fellows, etc.), professional mentor, or other personnel is dismissed or suspended from the institution for any period of time for any reason. Written approval from the VASG Director is required before any suspended personnel may resume work on a Sea Grant-funded project.

Contact Resources 

VIMS/W&M Chief Compliance Officer and Title IX Coordinator 
Pamela Mason 

Virginia Sea Grant Administration 
Troy Hartley 

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