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Virginia Sea Grant offers a range of funding opportunities for researchers, graduate students, and undergraduate students. We support sound scientific research that is consistent with Virginia Sea Grant’s Strategic Plan to benefit the Commonwealth.

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National Research Competitions

Since 1966, Sea Grant has invested in the development of sustainable marine and Great Lakes resources to help coastal communities maintain a safe and sustainable local seafood supply. The National Sea Grant College Program continues to invest in research aimed toward protecting these resources through funding opportunities offered at the national level. 

2023 Aquaculture Economics and Markets Collaborative: Special Projects "G"

Application deadline: April 12, 2023, by 11:59pm ET.

Notice of Funding Opportunity Number: NOAA-OAR-SG-2023-2007550

Project Description 

NSGO anticipates that up to $1,000,000 in FY 2023 federal funds will be available to Sea Grant programs to support the creation of an aquaculture economics and markets focused collaborative program. The selected project will develop fully integrated research, outreach, and education activities that will seek to align aquaculture more closely with established commercial fishing and agricultural industries with respect to applied economics and market practices and resources. Applications require the standard 50% non-federal match for Sea Grant projects.

This competition is open to all Sea Grant Programs. Programs are encouraged to partner with other Sea Grant Programs and/or other entities such as individuals, State and Tribal Agencies/Organizations, HBCUs/MSIs, NGOs, aquaculture industry members and associations, universities, and colleges, including community colleges. 

Please carefully review the attached competition description (PDF) for specific instructions on how to apply for the competitions via

American Lobster Research Program 2023

Application deadline: May 10, 2023, by 11:59pm ET.

Notice of Funding Opportunity Number: NOAA-OAR-SG-2023-2007887

Project Description 

This program will support collaborative projects that address priority research needs to enhance our understanding of and address impacts to the American lobster fishery.

Applications are sought from research teams and encourage partnerships between industry, State agencies, and/or academia that address population dynamics, including but not limited to distribution and abundance in regards to ecosystem changes; life history parameters, including but not limited to temperature effects, ocean acidification, and other changing climate conditions; species interactions and behavior; and/or social, behavioral, or economic research including but not limited to impact studies, assessments, and policy analyses regarding measures under consideration for inclusion in the Atlantic Large Whale Take Reduction Plan, as such relate to the American lobster fishery in the Gulf of Maine, Georges Bank, and/or southern New England.

Sea Grant anticipates having up to $2 million dollars to fund a diversity of projects with funding requests up to $500k in FY 2023. Projects may be one or two years in duration with a maximum of two years. Non-federal matching funds equal to at least 50 percent of the federal funding request must be provided.

Eligible applicants are any individual; any public or private corporation, partnership, or other association or entity (including any Sea Grant College, Sea Grant Institute or other institution); or any State, political subdivision of a State, Tribal government or agency or officer thereof.

Please carefully review the Notice of Federal Funding (PDF) for specific instructions on how to apply for the competitions via

Regional Research Competitions

To address broader regional priorities, Virginia Sea Grant periodically partners with other Sea Grant programs throughout the mid-Atlantic region to bring together innovative research teams with high levels of integration, those who demonstrate synergistic benefits, and mechanisms for transferring knowledge to end-users.

No opportunities are available at this time.

Program Development Awards

One of the most valuable aspects of a Sea Grant program is its capacity to bring university, governmental, or private resources to bear upon various emerging problems or opportunities. Program Development funds are provided by Virginia Sea Grant to achieve four primary goals: support high-impact students, cultivate innovation through collaborative proof-of-concept projects, nurture strategic initiatives, and to examine pressing or emerging problems. Proposals to convene multi-institutional or partnership-focused meetings that explore opportunities for collaboration, help advance integration across partners, or address pressing or emerging needs are encouraged.

For more information, contact VASG Associate Director Scott Sandridge at or 804-684-7251.

Additional Support


Virginia Sea Grant will no longer fund external requests to sponsor conferences or support participants at conferences.  This policy change results from increased organizational requests seeking financial support that exceed our available resources.  Instead, our emphasis will be on providing our fellows with the professional development opportunities that they require to be successful and on meeting emerging strategic needs to benefit the Commonwealth.


If your proposal includes a communications component involving the Virginia Sea Grant Communications Center, please include this in your budget. The Center offers services like science writing, copy editing, photography, videography, drone footage, graphic design, web design, and web hosting. For more information, contact Jay Clark, communications center manager, or Stacy Keating, VASG business manager.

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