Science Communication Internships

June 13, 2018

Virginia Sea Grant
Welcomes Summer Interns

April 6, 2018

Summer is Coming:
And our science communication internships are open

June 28, 2017

Virginia Sea Grant Welcomes Summer Interns

November 25, 2016

Virginia Sea Grant Seeking Applications for 2017 Summer Science Writing Internship

Virginia Sea Grant is pleased to announce a paid summer internship in coastal and marine science writing.
June 9, 2015

George Mason Students Study Scientists’ Interdisciplinary Research

Graduate student interns Raph Mazzone and Bea Vianna will help Virginia Sea Grant how scientists work together in interdisciplinary research projects.
February 3, 2015

2015 Summer Science Writing Internship Announced

Virginia Sea Grant's Summer Science Writing Internship is a paid opportunity for an undergraduate to report and write pieces that communicate complex scientific information to non-scientists and decision-makers.
October 2, 2014

Virginia Coastal Policy Clinic Gets New VASG Correspondent

As the new Virginia Coastal Policy Clinic correspondent for Virginia Sea Grant, Tess Mackey will report on the clinic's activities and students.
July 31, 2014

Learning About Science Communication Through Reviewing Research

Virginia Sea Grant (VASG) welcomes Nina Ullom as a new office aide this summer. Her duties include assisting office members
July 25, 2014

Science Writing Intern Covers VASG-Funded Research

As Virginia Sea Grant’s (VASG) new science writing intern, Katharine Sucher will spend this summer spreading science to the public. By
June 27, 2014

Intern Conducts Analysis to Redesign Social Media Strategy for VASG

DJ Haskin, a former Virginia Sea Grant (VASG) office aide, is taking on new responsibilities this summer as VASG’s communications research intern.
April 17, 2014

Spring Interns Cover VASG Events Through Writing, Photography

This spring, Virginia Sea Grant had three undergraduate communication interns who helped cover events and projects.
October 23, 2013

VASG Reaches Out for Potential CSF Leaders in Williamsburg

To help launch a CSF, Virginia Sea Grant is inviting anyone interested to submit a Statement of Interest by January 10, 2013. (You can find the Instructions and form here: )
June 21, 2013
Seagrass. ©Stephanie Chavez

Seagrass Research: Notes From The Field

VASG-funded seagrass researchers on the Eastern Shore are studying the effects of climate change on submerged aquatic vegetation.
June 18, 2013
Science Communication Internship: Eric Olson ©Stephanie Chavez/VASG

Summer 2013 Science Communication Interns

The Virginia Sea Grant Communication Center is pleased to welcome two Virginia students for summer Science Communication Internships.
August 23, 2012
A photo by intern Kathryn Greves taken during a tour of NOAA's vessel Okeanos Explorer. ©Kathryn Greves/VASG

Communication Interns Look, Listen, and Learn

July 12, 2012

Researching the Information Needs of Coastal Virginians

Brandon Durant is applying his experience and education in science communication to conduct focus groups and interviews that will inform Virginia Sea Grant’s strategic communication strategy.
July 12, 2012
Keya Jackson. ©Kathryn Greves/VASG

Designing a Virginia Sea Grant Brand

As a Virginia Sea Grant Communications Intern, Keya Jackson tried her hand at layout and design, led a focus group to gather communications research data, and conducted the research necessary to inform a future redesign of the Virginia Marine Resource Bulletin.
June 12, 2012

Terrapin Files

Diamondback terrapins face a variety of threats—from coastal development to crab fishing. A team of VASG-funded researchers are mapping terrapin habitat and threats to aid in the development of effective management strategies.
January 26, 2012
Graduate students Malee Jinuntuya, Billur Celebi and Meredith McPherson prepare to count submerged seagrass abundance. ©Carly Rose/VASG

Light Beneath the Surface: Requirements for Seagrass Growth

Old Dominion University professor Dick Zimmerman and his lab are developing a new model to predict where seagrass can grow in the Bay. This article features the work of communications intern Kate Schimel and photography intern Carly Rose.
November 21, 2011
Kate Schimel ©Carly Rose/VASG

Actions Speak Louder than Words for 2011 Communication Intern

For Kate Schimel tagging along on research vessels to interview VASG-funded scientists were her favorite parts of the summer. Schimel, who studies biology at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, joined VASG as our 2011 Summer Science Communications Intern.