dan sennett

November 29, 2011
Dan Sennett stands in a VIMS green house where hundreds of tiny spadefish are swimming in 12 plastic tanks. ©Janet Krenn/VIMS

Taking Spadefish from ‘New Species’ to ‘Aquaculture Species’

Summer Communications Intern Kate Schimel reports on research into the spawning and food needs of the Atlantic spadefish. Studies like these are the first step towards developing a new species for aquaculture.
August 1, 2011

Well-Traveled Cobia Keeps in Touch for 3 Years

A cobia caught this June gives fisheries managers hope that the species could be a candidate for stock enhancement. Since its release, the hatchery-raised and tagged fish has three round-trips between the Chesapeake Bay and Florida Keys, doubled in size, and gotten caught at least twice. “This is a very important recapture,” says Oesterling. “This one fish shows that cobia raised in a tank and fed pellet food will survive and behave as if they were wild fish when they’re released.”