An Environmental Communications
Research Internship

Research Experience for Undergraduates at Old Dominion University
March 13, 2017
Quantifying the Role of Wetlands in Coastal Resilience
March 21, 2017

Virginia Sea Grant (VASG) is pleased to announce a paid graduate summer research internship in the field of coastal and marine science communication.

The research intern will survey specific questions, or evaluate particular segments of the VASG communications program under the advisement of the communications program manager. The Summer Science Communication Research Internship will provide a recently graduated or graduate student with training in researching the science of science communication, and allow him or her to evaluate the visual and textual effectiveness of the VASG communications program. The internship offers a graduate student the assistance and training to research a question related to the new VASG website and its audience target—technical, organizational or emotional. The research intern will be placed in a cohort consisting of a photographer/video journalist, and writer. They will cover and evaluate the reach, and impact of their assignments as a unit.

Students will be able to develop their interviewing, analysis, research, reporting, and writing skills, and they will benefit from mentoring in terms of developing proposals to evaluate visual, written, and other storytelling/narrative methods of science communication.

The intern will receive a $5,000 stipend for the 40-hour per week, 10-week summer internship located either at VASG’s headquarters at Gloucester Point, or this internship may also be conducted remotely, with regular video and telephone discussions.

Applications are due April 15, 2017 via Read more about the application process here:

For more information, please contact VASG Communications Program Manager Ian Vorster at or 804-684-7632.