VIDEOS: Community Supported Fisheries and Sustainable Consumption

VIDEO: Burreson’s Contributions to Science, Policy Recognized with 2011 Mathias Medal
January 5, 2012
Harvesting commercially grown oysters. ©Margaret Pizer/VASG
Improving Treatment to Reduce Oyster Disease
January 10, 2012
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VIDEOS: Community Supported Fisheries and Sustainable Consumption

In December, Virginia Sea Grant invited two scholars to participate in the fall 2011 Visiting Scholar Seminar Series to discuss consumer behavior and community supported fisheries. These talks precede Virginia Sea Grant’s spring research project, which will investigate whether Virginian’s would participate in community supported fishery.

Josh Stoll is a founder of, an online network that links consumers to community supported fisheries (CSFs). As a graduate student at Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment, Josh helped start Walking Fish, the first CSF in the southeastern United States.

Michael Luchs is an Assistant Professor at William & Mary’s Mason School of Business whose research interests include sustainability, ethical consumerism, product design and creativity. Prior to earning his Ph.D., Dr. Luchs worked for over a decade as a consultant and as a manager in industry.

The Visiting Scholar Seminar Series features experts in marine and coastal policy and fulfills a requirement for Virginia Institute of Marine Science students pursuing the Marine Policy designation. This edition of the series is sponsored by Virginia Sea Grant, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, and the Thomas Jefferson School in Public Policy at College of William and Mary.