Playing Through Decisions that Affect the Bay
November 29, 2011
Dan Sennett stands in a VIMS green house where hundreds of tiny spadefish are swimming in 12 plastic tanks. ©Janet Krenn/VIMS
Taking Spadefish from ‘New Species’ to ‘Aquaculture Species’
November 29, 2011
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Understanding Chemistry and Clam Aquaculture

More hard clams are grown in Virginia than in any other state. ©本人/

More hard clams (Mercenaria, mercenaria) are farmed in Virginia than any other state. ©本人/ WikiMedia Commons

Virginia’s hard clam industry produces between $20 and $30 million-worth of clams annually. Iris Anderson, Mark Brush, and Mark Luckenbach of VIMS will expand upon their 2010 preliminary study of ecosystem responses to clam aquaculture and calibrate their model of how nutrient availability and transformations affect ecosystem health and clam aquaculture sustainability. The model will be made available online as a decision-support tool to aid resource managers in Virginia in predicting the sustainability of clam farms under changing environmental conditions and management practices.

Funded by the 2011 Virginia Sea Grant Coastal and Marine Science Funding RFP

Project detail: Iris Anderson (VIMS), Mark Luckenbach (VIMS), and Mark Brush (VIMS). Developing strategies to sustain hard clam aquaculture while minimizing impacts on water quality and nutrient dynamics.