Resiliency is about how Virginia citizens can learn from each other as they tap local talent to design projects for communities. Underscoring the role of collaboration in planning, participants and stakeholders share what they believe has affected suburbs, neighborhoods, and private businesses, and what the resolution might be. And then Virginia Sea Grant (VASG) funded students and researchers engage in the design of a solution. These include adaptation forums, new flood-monitoring apps or adaptation strategies among others. Many have said this kind of resiliency planning should become standard practice in southeast Virginia.

VASG is able to facilitate this collaboration between a diverse cross-section of professionals to make connections for future resiliency-planning partnerships, very often providing a plan for an issue that has not been tackled before. It has the ability to pull together teams of students and professionals to develop such plans, in the process creating “communities of practice”—groups of regional engineers, architects, academics, and nonprofits to work collaboratively to create adaptive design solutions.