April 10, 2014
The Asian Shore Crab is a small invasive animal that kicked out small native crabs all along the East Coast in the 1990s. Now it's on the decline. ©Susan Park/VASG/DESG

VASG Staff Ph.D. Research on Invasive Crabs in DE Bay Gains New Perspective

Delaware’s native mud crabs were on the verge of being completely edged out by invasive Asian shore crabs 10 years ago. Today, new research shows that the tables have unexpectedly turned.
June 28, 2013
Red crab. ©Bob Fisher/VASG

Local partnership brings deep-sea red crab to Hampton

Daily Press June 26, 2013 L.D. Amory and Co. Inc. and Graham & Rollins Inc. of Hampton have partnered with the Atlantic Red Crab Co. to bring deep-sea red crab to the region.