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Spring 2010: Marine Spatial Planning–What is it? Why do it?

Is “marine spatial planning” just a new buzzword, or can it really help improve ocean health? Morgan Gopnik is an independent consultant with more than 20 years of experience advising government, industry, and NGOs in ocean and marine issues. In this visiting scholar seminar, Gopnik discusses the history, status, and potential of marine spatial planning.

Events, Uncategorized, Visiting Scholar Seminar Series

Spring 2010: The Scientific, the Political, and the Local

Professor Anne M. Khademian is the Alexandria Program Director for the Center for Public Administration and Policy at Virginia Tech. Anne’s expertise in organizational culture and leadership has been applied to a range of public policy settings, including homeland security, financial regulation, and climate governance. Her seminar focuses on collaborative leadership in governance networks.

Events, Uncategorized, Visiting Scholar Seminar Series

Fall 2009: Adapting Cities to Floods

University of Virginia’s Dr. Kristina Hill presented on ways cities around the world are using landscape architecture to adapt to sea level rise. Dr. Hill is a landscape architect, who considers how communities near water systems adapt to climate change. Her recent work looks at connects between community design and flood-related damage and pollution. Her book Water, Ecology and the Design of Cities is due out this year. Dr. Hill is Associate Professor and Director of Landscape Architecture Program at University of Virginia.

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