Virginia Sea Grant's (VASG) mission is to enhance the ecological, economic, social sustainability, and resilience of coastal and ocean communities through university-based research, extension, education, and communication. VASG serves the Commonwealth of Virginia, the region, and the nation. VASG pursues distinct goals and objectives essential for achieving its mission as described in the Bylaws & Operating Procedures.

The Charter describes the purpose and objectives of VASG as follows:

To provide the operational mechanisms to:

  • Advance common coastal and marine science, research, education, and outreach interests;
  • Promote identification and exploration of new opportunities for leveraged, synergistic partnerships, and initiatives across the partner institutions and the Commonwealth;
  • Advance the collaboration, coordination, and/or integration of VASG's capacity in its functional areas (i.e., research, extension, education, communication) in order to achieve broader societal impacts;
  • Promote interdisciplinary, integrated activities that address pressing coastal and marine resource problems in the Commonwealth, the region, and the nation; and
  • Facilitate further development and management of the VASG program in the Commonwealth of Virginia.