Team Science

Cross-Disciplinary Problem Solving & Research

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Virginia Sea Grant, the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, and the University of Virginia have partnered to create a professional development opportunity in the rapidly emerging area of multi-, inter-, and trans-disciplinary team problem-solving and research. These forms of cross-disciplinary inquiry can produce innovative, integrated breakthroughs and solutions that transcend individual disciplines, and are essential to solving today’s grand societal challenges in coastal and marine environments. Challenges such as enhancing coastal resilience to sea-level rise, flooding, storms, and other climate change impacts are demanding cross-disciplinary solutions that emerge from a deeper level of knowledge integration than society and the academic community typically achieve.

Collaborative Scientists Need to Know:
  • How to effectively work on multi-disciplinary teams.
  • The latest evidence-based communication and group leadership techniques in these cross-disciplinary problem-solving settings.
  • How to employ strategies and tools of adaptive practices that ensure team success.
  • How to integrate diverse disciplinary perspectives to address a real-world challenge – enhancing site-specific resilience to climate change.


Applicants must be enrolled in a full-time graduate or professional degree program at an academic institution and priority is given to students enrolled in a Virginia institution of higher education. Students may be working toward a degree in any discipline as long as they are engaged in research, inquiry, problem-solving, creativity, or other scholarship that is coastal- or marine-related and relevant to coastal resilience issues. We strongly encourage members from under-represented minority groups, women, persons with disabilities, and veterans to apply for the program.

Learn from a Diverse Team of Researchers and Faculty

Funded through a National Science Foundation Innovations in Graduate Education grant, VASG, VIMS, and UVA have partnered with leading “Science of Team Science” researchers and a large faculty team of experienced multi-disciplinary practitioners to design and offer professional development to improve teamwork, integrate different disciplinary perspectives, build trans-disciplinary problem-solving and research teams, and tackle coastal resilience in Virginia.

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