Virginia Sea Grant switched to a new domain for our e-mail addresses,

Our research and administrative offices are based at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science in Gloucester Point, Virginia.

To contact our extension staff, please reach out to them at their relative institutions here.

Troy Hartley


(804) 684-7248

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Scott Sandridge

Associate Director

(804) 684-7251

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Stacy Keating

Business Manager

(804) 684-7557

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Jay Clark

Communication Center Program Manager

(804) 684-7362

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Sabine Rogers

Strategic Partnership Coordinator

(804) 684-7335

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Sam Lake

Fellowship & Research Program Coordinator

(804) 684-7436

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Michelle Rodriguez

Professional Development Coordinator


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Madeleine Jepsen

Staff Writer & Communication Specialist

(804) 684-7320

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Aileen Devlin

Digital Storyteller

(804) 684-7167

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Renee Sanders

Program Reporting & Projects Coordinator

(804) 684-7358

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