The National Sea Grant College and Program Amendments Act of 2008, originally passed in 1966, states Sea Grant’s objectives are to increase the understanding, assessment, development, utilization, and conservation of the Nation's ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes resources by providing assistance to promote a strong educational base, responsive research and training activities, broad and prompt dissemination of knowledge and techniques, and multidisciplinary approaches to environmental problems. A focus on education, research and training, knowledge transfer, and a multidisciplinary (even transdisciplinary) perspective remains relevant and necessary to address today’s coastal and marine challenges. However, our educational, research, outreach, and disciplinary landscapes have changed dramatically in 50 years, and along with that, what Sea Grant does, and needs to do, has changed too.

All aspects of our world are changing rapidly. With change come opportunities. We need ever more innovative answers to increasingly complex social, economic, ecological, technological, and cultural challenges in Virginia’s coastal zone.

The Commonwealth, region, and nation need Virginia Sea Grant (VASG) more than ever to produce new knowledge; tomorrow’s workforce and businesses, novel solutions that transcend disciplines, sectors and job functions; and to facilitate greater engagement and integration to tackle these challenges.

Virginia Sea Grant will rise to the occasion, develop bold, innovative strategies that are transformative, shape an exciting future, and lead. VASG will be at the forefront of what is possible for a Sea Grant program. We will do this through forward thinking goals, objectives, and strategies. We will be the most innovative and integrated Sea Grant program in the nation, through the proactive leveraging, orchestrating, and nurturing of a diverse, Commonwealth-wide, university-based organizational network and a cohort of VASG-supported collaborative leaders in coastal and marine science, management, policy, and communities. VASG will invest in people, their ideas, skills, and capabilities, and the impact and difference they make.

We will do all of this together, with our partners. Together, we do more for coastal Virginia.


VASG envisions a future where people live, work, and play along our coasts in harmony with the natural resources that attract and sustain them.


VASG’s mission is to provide integrated research, communication, education, extension, and legal programs to coastal communities that lead to the responsible use of the nation’s ocean and coastal resources through informed personal, policy, and management decisions.

VASG’s strategic plan aligns with and complements the National Sea Grant College Program Strategic Plan, Charting the course for the future: 2018 – 2021. You can download it here.