• I’ve been fortunate to have several students become Virginia Sea Grant fellows, and I would say that the most impactful thing for them is to know their research makes a difference, that it can be actionable. Through Virginia Sea Grant, they are connected to regional stakeholders, to people who are involved with science and policy, where they know their research can actually help people make decisions.
    Karen McGlathery
    Associate VP for Research, Sustainability & Environment, and Director Department of Environmental Sciences
  • Since being accepted into the fellowship program at Virginia Sea Grant, I have received nothing but support from the program director and staff, whether that’s to re-budget some of the items on my proposal, extension work, or professional networking. One of the things that I appreciate the most is the personal connection Virginia Sea Grant has with its fellows.
    Joey Matt
    Graduate Research Fellow
  • The Virginia Sea Grant Graduate Research Fellowship means everything to me right now. It’s the reason I’m able to do a master’s degree at Old Dominion University, and the reason I’m able to research a coral species that not very many people are studying.
    Hannah Aichelman
    Graduate Research Fellow
  • What surprised me the most about the fellowship was that even when it ended, you still feel like a Virginia Sea Grant Fellow. It didn’t end with my fellowship; it’s not just a one- or two-year fellowship. I’m still in contact with Virginia Sea Grant staff to ask for advice or to find new opportunities.
    Abby Lunstrum
    Knauss Fellow

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