Listen: A Communication Course

Virginia Sea Grant is listening! We hope to launch this training in the near future. Tailored for marine and coastal professionals, you will become more proficient in this crucial component of communication.

You will need to learn to listen—whether you are interviewing for your first job; or serving as lead council in an environmental case, as principal investigator on a research project, or as CEO of a non-profit organization. Perhaps unsurprisingly, few of us have ever had any formal training in how to listen effectively.

This training will show you how to assess your current listening skills, and understand the challenges to effective listening—like distractions. You will learn to develop behaviors that will allow you to become a better listener, a better colleague, mentor, and friend.

Often, it isn't the research writing, or project design and management that make someone a truly gifted communicator. It's the listening in order to learn what’s truly important. Great listening might help you tease apart what is really important to stakeholders, succeed on challenging projects and in your career, resolve conflicts, and distinguish you as a problem solver in your field. Strong listening has been directly tied to effective leadership. So, for a variety of reasons, it pays to learn good listening skills.

Topics for this training might include:

  • Recalling Details
  • Empathizing
  • Avoiding Distractions and Feeling Overwhelmed
  • Clarifying Your Role
  • Using Attentive Nonverbal Cues
  • Paraphrasing What Was Said
  • Matching Emotions; and Mirroring