Melissa Karp

2017 Knauss Fellow

"During the fellowship you get experience beyond just the professional skills acquired in your placement. The fellowship offers ample networking and professional development opportunities throughout the year. For example, so far I have had the opportunity to go to several Congressional Hearings, tour the Pentagon and have a panel discussion with staff from the Oceanographer of the Navy's office, tour the Department of the Interior building with a panel discussion with scientists from USGS and USFWS, and attend a facilitator training workshop, to just name a few. The fellowship offers this unique opportunity to network across agencies, and learn not only how the office you are placed in works, but how marine science and management issues are dealt with in different agencies.

Amanda Laverty

2017 Knauss Fellow

"The Sea Grant Knauss Fellowship has provided me with the opportunity to build and diversify my professional skillset with flexibility and greater autonomy than a conventional job can typically offer. This year has been a unique and incredibly rewarding experience."

Sasha Doss

2017 Knauss Fellow

"The fellowship immerses you in the day-to-day, and long-term management of marine resources. You will learn the ins-and-outs of working for the government, and meet and work alongside incredible people who shape the country's marine policy."

Karen McGlathery

Associate VP for Research, Sustainability & Environment, and Director Department of Environmental Sciences

I’ve been fortunate to have several students become Virginia Sea Grant fellows, and I would say that the most impactful thing for them is to know their research makes a difference, that it can be actionable. Through Virginia Sea Grant, they are connected to regional stakeholders, to people who are involved with science and policy, where they know their research can actually help people make decisions.

Hannah Aichelman

2016 Graduate Research Fellow

The Virginia Sea Grant Graduate Research Fellowship means everything to me right now. It’s the reason I’m able to do a master’s degree at Old Dominion University, and the reason I’m able to research a coral species that not very many people are studying.

Abby Lunstrum

2016 Knauss Fellow

What surprised me the most about the fellowship was that even when it ended, you still feel like a Virginia Sea Grant Fellow. It didn’t end with my fellowship; it’s not just a one- or two-year fellowship. I’m still in contact with Virginia Sea Grant staff to ask for advice or to find new opportunities.