January 27, 2017, 5:00 p.m. EST

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NMFS-Sea Grant Marine Resource Economics Ph.D. Fellowship

Fellowship Description

The NOAA Fisheries (NMFS)-Sea Grant Fellowship Program in Marine Resource Economics supports Ph.D. students who are interested in careers related to the economics of the conservation and management of living marine resources.

The overall goals of the program are to 1) encourage qualified applicants to pursue careers in marine resource economics; 2) increase available expertise related to the economic analysis of living marine resource conservation and management decisions; 3) foster closer relationships between academic scientists and NMFS; and 4) provide real-world experience to graduate students and accelerate their career development.

The Fellowships will provide support for up to two years for highly qualified graduate students working towards a Ph.D. in marine resource economics, natural resource economics, or environmental economics. Each Fellow will be required to work closely with an expert (mentor) from NMFS who may provide data for the Fellow's thesis, serve on the Fellow's committee, and host an annual summer internship at the participating NMFS facility. Mentors will be from participating NMFS Science Centers or Offices. Fellows may work, as necessary, at the participating NMFS facility during some or all of the academic year at the mutual discretion of mentor, faculty adviser, and Fellow.

Additional Information

  • Announcement of Federal Funding Opportunity (FFO, Population and Ecosystem Dynamics) for additional details.
  • Additional application information can be found on the NOAA Fisheries-Sea Grant Fellowship website
  • A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page has been added to the NOAA Fisheries-Sea Grant Fellowship website
  • Application Submission

    The deadline for applications is 5:00pm EST on January 27, 2017. Virginia graduate students must submit their application materials to Virginia Sea Grant via eSeaGrant ( by the January 27 deadline. Guidance on application content is included in the Federal Funding Opportunity (FFO). Instructions related to uploading your application to eSeaGrant can be found above and on the eSeaGrant website.

    The format of this application follows the guidelines for research proposals to NOAA, and thus may be somewhat unfamiliar to students. All potential applicants are strongly encouraged to contact Sam Lake ( or 804-684-7436) for additional guidance through the application process.

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