Publication Request

Publications Request Form

The VASG communications center is responsible for co-branding of all partner projects. (For this reason please consult our styleguide before submitting this form.) This form is meant to be the start of an enjoyable discussion, whereby we can log your new project into the workflow. As such please understand that we require a three week lead to accommodate your request. This would allow time for production, two reviews, a final proof, and if necessary printing.

Production Schedule: Because publications range in size, text, purpose, complexity and components, the time for design and printing (if required) varies significantly. An update of an existing postcard can be turned around in two weeks (a week for design and proofing, and a week for printing), while a new publication that is multiple pages, requires new text and new photography, can take up to eight weeks (four to six weeks for writing, photography, design and proofing, and two to three weeks to print).

Please fill in all of the information boxes below.

    (i.e., VASG/Wetlands Watch Brochure, ODU/VASG Homeowners Handbook)

    Type of Project:

    This Project is:

    Quantity and Delivery (to be finalized at a later date):


    Mailing Information
    This project will not be mailed (distribution at events, etc.)This project will be mailed in an envelope.This project is a self-mailer (Note: Requires 2 additional panels and increases time and expense.)This project will be mailed First ClassThis project will be mailed Non-profit Bulk Rate (Postal rate affects size.)This project requires a Mail Back Reply Card (Note: Requires 2 additional panels and a minimumpaper weight, which increases time and expense).

    Description of Project:

    Are there existing photos that you prefer? YesNo

    Are there existing photos that you do not want us to use? YesNo

    Text for Project: Requesting partner will provide draft text in a Word document by:

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    Your Responsibilities
    • Request publication three weeks ahead.
    • Complete the Publication Request form.
    • Provide final text in a Word document.
    • Do not embed photos in the Word document.
    • Upload image files via Dropbox to
    • Provide names or captions, and credits for image files.
    • Review design, provide feedback, approve design.
    • Review and approve final design, and proof final text.
    • Confirm number to be printed
    Our Responsibilities
    • Contact you to review your request.
    • Establish a timeline.
    • Proof copy, edit text to be consistent with the VASG /partner style, and for both the audience and the publication’s purpose.
    • Design publication, secure photography.
    • Show you the design for review and feedback – twice only.
    • Finalize design for proof.
    • Prepare final files, and deliver to you or printer.
    • Review and approve proof from the printer.