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Below you will find links to the websites for each department in the respective universities that VASG partners with, along with links through to pages that house their latest news announcements, and stories


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VCU Center for Environmental Studies

At the Center for Environmental Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, we integrate environmental policy, science and technology into our academic and research programs.

We know that successful environmental professionals must be able to bridge disciplines such as law, ecology and economics. So that’s the approach our classes and faculty take. We expose students to a wide range of disciplines and give them access to instructional laboratories, greenhouses, research tanks and state-of-the-art labs. It’s all part of the interdisciplinary research and instruction we offer under VCU Life Sciences.

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UVA Department of Environmental Sciences

The Department of Environmental Sciences is an academic department in the College of Arts and Sciences, offering instruction and conducting research in the areas of Ecology, Geosciences, Hydrology, and Atmospheric Sciences. This unique juxtaposition of several sciences in one Department fosters cooperation and exchange among traditional disciplines that share similar methodological and philosophical problems.The research endeavors of both faculty and graduate students, whether disciplinary or interdisciplinary,deal largely with problems of fundamental scientific interest and to a lesser extent with applied science, management or policy making.

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JMU Biology Department

The Biology Department at James Madison University is located in The Bioscience Building on the East campus, between the Rose Library and the Physics/Chemistry Building and close to other university facilities. We currently serve ~1,000 undergraduate majors, and 17 graduate students. The department offers a wide variety of courses for biology and biotechnology majors, general education, and pre-health profession majors. Our four-semester core curriculum was developed using National Science Foundation funding. The 44 fulltime faculty members are engaged in teaching and research in a broad range of sub disciplines, and mentor over 150 undergraduate student researchers during the academic year and in the summers.

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VT College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

The Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is tackling the grand challenges facing our world using the land-grant model of research, education, and outreach. Working together, we are exploring ways to preserve our natural resources and improve the economic prosperity and quality of life for people around the globe not only today, but for generations to come.

Here, top scientists inspire future leaders in agriculture and life sciences by using hands-on learning experiences on campus and around the globe. Complex challenges such as mitigating climate change, improving health and well-being, and feeding a growing global population require sharp minds creating innovative solutions.

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GMU Department of Environmental Science & Policy

In the next decade, George Mason University's Department of Environmental Science and Policy will be a major force academically and professionally focused on understanding and implementing the science and policy of biodiversity conservation, sustainability of water and watershed ecosystems, and the application of the one health approach to ecological and social interactions, and sustainability. Our graduates are highly qualified and sought-after individuals making important contributions to solving complex environmental issues that challenge the integrity and sustainability of global systems through research, transdisciplinarity, and engagement. Our faculty are internationally recognized for their innovative research and their outreach and communication to the public and private sectors.

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ODU Department of Ocean, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

The Department of Ocean, Earth, & Atmospheric Sciences acquires and disseminates knowledge of the earth system, including the relationships among the biological, chemical, geological and physical components of our planet. It is critical that we understand both natural and human-induced processes that change this system so we are prepared to meet present and future challenges. With curiosity, creativity, scholarship, and respect as cornerstones of our philosophy, we strive to increase scientific knowledge and literacy through excellence in research, education, and service to the Commonwealth of Virginia and society in general.

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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Science for the Bay, Impact for the World: The Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) has a three-part mission to conduct research in coastal ocean and estuarine science, educate students and citizens, and provide advisory service to policy makers, industry, and the public. VIMS provides these services to Virginia, the nation, and the world. Chartered in 1940, VIMS is currently among the largest marine research and education centers in the United States.

The School of Marine Science (SMS) at VIMS is the graduate school in marine science for the College of William & Mary. It offers outstanding education and research opportunities for students who seek advanced careers in academia, government, or the private sector.

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